Saturday, August 11, 2018

and then she was three...

What would I say? 
What would I say to my 2015 self on August 11, 2015? 

I remember that night so vividly. We had traveled into Nashville and were spending the night at a hotel so we could report to the hospital by 7am. I remember laying there, thinking, “Tomorrow everything is going to change.” 

And it did change. It so many beautiful and incredible ways. This girl has taught us how to love bigger and better. She has taught us how to forgive and give second chances. She has taught us to never give up. She has taught us to be brave and face all our fears. She has taught us to work hard, harder than we can ever imagine. She has taught us to accept everyone. Everyone. She has shown us true beauty and excellence in this work and she has networked us with more incredible people that I could ever count. 

Yes, life certainly changed forever when she came along. But it was the best, more beautiful change I could ever imagine. Oh to go back three years ago tonight and show myself to beauty that lay ahead. My sleepless night would have surely transformed into the best rest I've ever had.

Happy birthday, precious girl! We are so lucky to call you ours! 

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