Monday, November 13, 2017

accessible costumes!

Many of you may know that we are big time Halloween folks! Even before the kids were born, we were dressing up and throwing spooky parties. 

Nowadays, family costumes are the ultimate tradition.

Each year, we sponsor a car trunk at our church's Light The Night festival a few days before Halloween. It's a trunk or treat that usually boasts around 40-50 cars to trick or treat thru, inflatables, food trucks, games, face painting, and more! The crowds are huge, so a few years ago we decided it would be awesome to host a trunk and not worry about fighting our way through the mass of people. Winning, y'all.

So this year, our family theme was cavemen! I bought tons of fleece and fur to make the layered costumes and we snagged some accessories from the Halloween store. The kids loved their costumes, which turned out to be a perfect match with the chilly night. We created a cave out of the back hatch of our SUV thanks to a wooden frame, some butcher paper, and our leftover fabric. We even put together a campfire!

But that hot pink wheelchair sure should out. So we decided to incorporate it into our theme! I covered the metal with strips of torn brown fabric, added some plastic bones to  a few sections, and then created stone wheels to go on the outside of her wheels! It was perfect!!

I love that Eliza's chair can be a part of the Halloween fun and not a hindrance to it! 
As a bonus, we also won third place in the trunk decorating contest!

For Halloween night, we planned to take the kids trick or treating in our new neighborhood. But Halloween with a wheelie kid can be a more trick than treat. You see, Eliza can't get up the front steps of a house to ring the doorbell. And you'd be surprised how many folks will merely open their door and not come down the 4-5 steps to her. In the hopes to make folks on the nearby streets aware, we tossed these in the mailboxes:

For Halloween, the kids get to dress up as whatever they want (since Mom takes over the festival night with family costumes). And both Jake and Eliza decided to be pirates! I not so secretly loved that that a. Didn't choose characters and b. Picked to dress up together. #momwin

And again, I tried to pull out the stops with a costumes that blended in Eliza's chair to her pirate get up. Allow me to reveal The Wilder of the Seas!:

Seriously guys, how cute are they?!

Eliza's ship cost me two cans of brown spray paint and a couple of PVC joints. Everything else can straight out of the garage! (I'm not sure what that says about the state of our garage...)

It's made from a cardboard box, and PVC pieces. Some scrap fabric made for the sale and everything else is just painted on! She LOVED it!

We were a big hit on the streets with her costume, and quite a few folks loved checking out how it was made. I will say that because Eliza is so small, I think a lot of folks really thought she was a baby in a stroller. In the dark, you really couldn't tell what was behind the pirate ship! A lot of our neighbors were absolutely lovely, though we did have 10-12 houses that totally didn't get our "wheelie kid" memo. Several ignored Eliza all together, and other handed candy to her brother to give her. Whomp whomp. But hey, there's next year! We plan to be in this neighborhood for quite some time, so hopefully we can bring some fun awareness to our neighbors.

Surely, they'll remember us next year... 

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