Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Same Cloth Project

I think the phrase "when it rains, it pours" is supposed to refer to sad and tragic things.
But I'm more of a glass half full kinda gal, so we're going to give that bummed out phrase a revamp.

When opportunities to highlight the awesome little life of our spina bifida gal came raining in thru Matilda Jane, they also started pouring in elsewhere. My favorite? Same Cloth Project.

Same Cloth is a local company to us, and boy are they special. I remember the first design of theirs that I saw, how dang cute it was (I bought one for each kiddo!) and then how excited I was to see what their brand was really all about. Same Cloth has this fabulous design shop (apparel, jewelry, notebooks, etc) of meaningful items. Each item is designed with a specific cause in mind and a portion of the proceeds from that design actually benefit that cause! So you get an awesome item AND you're helping fund some sort of incredible work at the same time! 

Just do yourself a favor and go check out their shop. Go now... I'll wait for you to come back...

>>>  shop link, y'all  <<< 

So good, right? And if you wander over to their blog, you can read about each design as well! 

Almost a year ago, one of the owners at Same Cloth contacted me about Eliza. She had just started using her Bumbo Chair and was basically taking over FB with her adorable videos. They loved her (who doesn't??) and wanted to see about designing a shirt around special needs kids. 

Over the coming months, they tossed around ideas. And in the end, they landed on a blog post. A blog post from this blog

Last October, I wrote about the "Welcome to Holland" poem and how beautifully it describes the special needs journey. In turn, they created a design that anyone can related to. Holland being the unexpected place that life can divert us all to. Using a passport stamp theme, and even adding a hand stamped date (!!) they've captured the entrance to Holland for each of us. 


They asked me to write a guest post over at Same Cloth to explain the Holland poem and our own story. I love it so! And it was shared and shared and shared!  Jump over and read it!

These Holland tees sold out in just a few days, but I've been assured that there will be a second order so follow Same Cloth for more details on how to snag one. A portion of proceeds for this design honors Eliza by being donated to the Spina Bifida Association of Alabama.

These shirts are fabulous. The cause is fantastic. 

But here's the thing...
What I love the most about this is how it creates an environment to share. An environment to encourage. To talk about the hard stuff. To hold each other up. We're together in this and we each have our Hollands. I followed hundreds of comments and "shares" as the Same Cloth blog post went viral. And every single one echoed the same thing - the value of life and the importance of love.

My goal here, as Eliza's mama, is to share this life. Because it is a hard, beautiful, amazing, insane gift. She's a gift! This journey is a gift! Spina bifida is so stupid, but what this challenge helps us to become is like no other thing. It's more love and more Jesus. What else could you need? 


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