Tuesday, August 15, 2017

our girl is TWO!

Oh Eliza!! I can't believe you are already two, sweet girl!!

It seems like just yesterday I was being wheeled into that OR, ready to have my world rocked by your appearance. And sister, you have most definitely rocked it, but in the best kind of way. 

You challenge us! You change us! You test us! 

You are full of spunk and personality. You're determined and sassy and oh so opinionated. In short, you're your mama's daughter. 

I love that about you. I love that you're scrappy and that you're a tough cookie. I love that no one limits you. I love that this personality will serve you so well in life. 

Even though you're two, you are a teeny tiny little thing. Tiny but mighty. Who needs the growth chart anyway? They can't measure this level of cuteness anyway. 

And holy smokes at how much you have to say. I was almost thinking that with Jake as your big brother, there was no way you'd get a word in edgewise. Color me wrong, lady. Your vocabulary is out of this world (too may words to even count for the pediatrician) and I'm officially in an entire family of extroverts. Bless my tired ears, ha!

Happy birthday, sweet Eliza!!
Our lives are so much better because you are here! You are beautiful, silly, smart, and so wonderfully loved!


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