Sunday, June 18, 2017

Heck yes!!

So y'all know we've been on the struggle bus with urology for the last few months. Basically, our relationship with the department has been entirely too close since March. 
"I like you guys... I just hope to never see you..."

And I know you folks have been anxiously awaiting an update on the latest. 
So let me just get right to it.

Last month, Eliza had two procedures done at Vanderbilt. Effects from her spina bifida were causing bladder and kidney damage, which I'm sure I don't have to tell you is absolutely no bueno. The procedures were both a long shot that we almost didn't get, had it not been for the hopefulness of our amazing team up there. The odds of either of them being successful were around 40%. The odds of both of them being successful? 15-20% at best.
Failure meant another, more evasive surgery. Truthfully, the team prepped us for the worst case scenario because it was most likely. We were prayed up for God to provide the best path for our gal.

Today, one month post op, Eliza and I headed back to Nashville for her to undergo tests to see where we landed. Y'all. EPIC SUCCESS!!! After our beloved urologist picked her jaw and mine up off the floor, she outlined the results, which were one of the best she's ever seen from this procedure!! We're all stunned. STUNNED. 

I'm a realist, y'all. So I usually just sit in the middle of all the possibilities, planning myself to death, and hope for the best. I wasn't ready for this awesome news today!

God is so dang good to us. So much moreso than we could ever deserve!
This procedure will have to be redone every 6-12 months. And we'll hold our breaths for every unveiling afterwards until it stops working. But today? Today we celebrate!! And by celebrate, I mean go pick up Eliza's brand new dynamic stander. YES!! Amazing news AND new equipment all in one day! It's like spina bifida Christmas up in here!! 

(stay tuned for more on our shiny new toy - the dynamic stander!)

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