Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Allow me to interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast to announce... 

After waiting almost five months since she was fitted, this gal finally got her big girl wheels! Eliza is so proud of herself and J.B. and I are so excited for where this wheelchair will take her. While as parents, this milestone certainly has its share of mixed emotions, we know that this chair means freedom and independence for our girl!

Eliza's chair is called a TiLite Twist, and its custom built just for her tiny little self! The seat is seriously only 8" wide!

Her Bumbo seat (read more about that HERE) served her so well for a bigger wheelchair. Although the wheel placement was a bit different and the chair sits much higher, she knew just what to do! Within a day or two, she was a pro!!

Eliza is already buzzing all around the house, the children's museum, the library, and of course, the church nursery. Other kids love to come over and talk to her in her chair, and its a great opportunity for them to see that she's a regular kiddo, just like them!

We also have quite a few that like to try to push girlfriend around. Its tempting, right? But we try to explain to folks (both young and old), that's Eliza's chair is basically an extension of her. You would want something behind you pushing you everywhere all the time would you? Heck no! So we try to only guide or help her in the same way that you would grab a toddler's hand and lead them - parking lots, large areas, ... when they aren't paying any darn attention, when they are going as sloooooow as a sloth. If you've got kids, you hear me here...

You can see her face just light up as she can go and do whatever she likes at her own pace!
That independence is the very best thing for this mama to see.
Speaking of light up, those front wheels are motion activated to light up as she rolls.
Helllllooo, disco!

Totally worth the wait!
Loving this girl's determination and independence! 

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  1. Oh wow such an amazing wheelchair,this is the first time that i am reading your post,Hat's off to you guys and Eliza looks super cute.