Friday, August 19, 2016

eliza's first birthday

The day of Eliza's birthday party most definitely didn't go as planned. 
I really thought that one of the advantages to her having a summer birthday was that the weather element would be a bit less severe that Jake's March birthday. Wrong.

It was a rainy day and we, of course, had planned an outside party for our gal. We watched the hourly radar and decided to go for it. An hour before the party, tons of rain. But magically right as we were scheduled to get going, the rain clearly and the clouds opened up. There was a mad dash to set some things up in the yard as our guests all arrived and hung out inside. A few minutes later, we all headed out and finally got to celebrate. 

We served a dinner of hamburgers, chips, pasta salad and watermelon slices. 
For dessert, we skipped traditional cake and cupcakes and had a huge ice cream sundae bar! Yum!

Eliza enjoyed her smash cake the best. She snacked and shared with other people and just soaked up all the attention (and sugar).

We had lawn games like giant wooden dice, cornhole, and wooden dominos. Of course the kids all went nuts running around on the treehouse and swings. One of the things I so love about our house is the great space we have in the backyard. The shade of the trees is lovely, the privacy is perfect and the kids can all run and play. 

In lieu of gifts, we asked that our guests bring a donation for the Ronald McDonald House of Nashville. A year ago, they made an incredible impact on our family when Eliza was in the NICU. We knew that she didn't need any more toys and would much rather give back to help other families stay together while their children are receiving care at Vanderbilt. Our family and friends (as always) were so wonderfully supportive and we raised an awesome amount to take up to the RMDH at Eliza's next clinic visit! I'm so excited!

I hand dipped some Oreos as favors. And I'm not mad that I had a couple left over. 

I created this pallet display for Eliza's monthly pictures. It'd be great if someone could explain to me how this year went by so fast...

The downside? It was chaotic at best. I didn't get as many pictures as I liked because things were frantic getting started! But we all had a great time. And most importantly, our gal had a special day!

Maybe this party is a funny parallel to how this last year has been. Chaotic. Unpredictable. Crazy. Despite all our best plans. But ultimately it has been so wonderfully sweet. Surrounded by friends and family. And with the most precious, happiest girl we could imagine. 
What else could we ask for?

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