Saturday, May 7, 2016

crushing those milestones!

I know what you're thinking. Things have been quiet here on the blog lately.
But things definitely haven't been too quiet in our real lives! Have you heard us cheering all the way from our house?

 Eliza has been surprising the heck out of us by doing so incredibly well with her physical therapies recently!! Our biggest focus has been to work on strength training. Building up Eliza's muscles gives her the the ability to do things like sit independently, crawl, bear weight, and generally move all over the place.

Two weeks ago, she shocked me during a regular therapy session by show us that she could scoot/crawl backward. Then she pushed herself up into a sitting position! Boom. Just like that.

Just this weekend we've noticed that she's started to bare weight on her legs for short periods of time! And she's trying to sit unassisted as well! And she's rolling over from back to belly to play!
I mean, seriously girlfriend? GO ELIZA!

So now, closing in on nine months old, she's currently working on trying to crawl forward. She's mastered the backward scoot and even a full circle pivot all around.
A mobile eight month old might not seem like a super big deal in the every day world, but in the spina bifida world it's pretty stinkin' incredible.

It's so incredibly rewarding to see her hit these milestones. Because she works so hard to achieve some of the simple things, we celebrate all the more!!

She's an amazing gal! Keep cheering her on!

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