Tuesday, May 17, 2016

eight and nine months {eliza}

9 months, guys. She's growing so so fast!!

This lady has had a busy couple of weeks. She still goes to spina bifida clinic every three months to see a slew of specialties that evaluate her progress and discuss her future care.

Our latest clinic was just last week at Vanderbilt where we saw neurosurgery, orthopaedics, urology, nutrition, physical therapy, and occupational therapy. It's pretty standard practice for them to have some imaging requirements prior to see any of the doctors. This clinic we had what's come to the bare bones of her imagining, a renal ultrasound to check the kidneys and a fast MRI to check on the shunt in her brain. She aced thru all of the testing and imaging with minimal drama {some of that stuff is so hard on a baby!} and every single specialist gave her a rave review! We're always especially excited to hear that her kidneys and bladder are performing just as they should, which means she can skip a cathing regime be in regular diapers for now!

Ortho has some upcoming plans for her to receive some leg bracing by her next clinic. I'm pretty excited to see how that will help her!

At home, Eliza has regular physical therapy through the Alabama Early Intervention program, through a private in-office therapist, and beginning this week, aquatic therapy!
PT keeps us working hard and doing a lot of strength training, which has really shown to pay off. Eliza now rolls well in all directions, crawls backwards, and even pivots herself around in circles. The next step is forward crawling! 

She's improving on her sitting and doing better and better over time.  She's playing some on her knees, which is great for her hips. And recently she's even held a bit of weight on her legs! So exciting!

And here are all the fun details... 

Height: 27" - She's a petite little thing like her momma.
Weight: Almost 17 lbs. Based on all her squishy goodness, you'd never guess that she's around the 25% in weight. But because she's also so short, it balances out perfectly! She's just right!
Sleeps: Like a boss! Girlfriend sleeps about 10-11 hours at night and then take two big naps during the day. I'm thrilled with what a great sleeper she is. We have yet to really do any sort of sleep training because there's never been a need. Simply keeping her on a schedule and adhering to the basics of good sleep has been enough. Woohoo!!
Eats: Everything in sight. Ever since we starting introducing some solid foods, Eliza has immediately taken to eating all. the. things. Purees, regular food, finger food, she doesn't care! Just feeeeeed her. 
Loves: Dancing, snuggling, playing in the water, any second that anyone is paying her a lick of attention. 
Hates: Missing meals and naps. Me too, sister, me too.  

We've got a fun summer planned for both kiddos and I'm so excited to be hanging with them full time. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

crushing those milestones!

I know what you're thinking. Things have been quiet here on the blog lately.
But things definitely haven't been too quiet in our real lives! Have you heard us cheering all the way from our house?

 Eliza has been surprising the heck out of us by doing so incredibly well with her physical therapies recently!! Our biggest focus has been to work on strength training. Building up Eliza's muscles gives her the the ability to do things like sit independently, crawl, bear weight, and generally move all over the place.

Two weeks ago, she shocked me during a regular therapy session by show us that she could scoot/crawl backward. Then she pushed herself up into a sitting position! Boom. Just like that.

Just this weekend we've noticed that she's started to bare weight on her legs for short periods of time! And she's trying to sit unassisted as well! And she's rolling over from back to belly to play!
I mean, seriously girlfriend? GO ELIZA!

So now, closing in on nine months old, she's currently working on trying to crawl forward. She's mastered the backward scoot and even a full circle pivot all around.
A mobile eight month old might not seem like a super big deal in the every day world, but in the spina bifida world it's pretty stinkin' incredible.

It's so incredibly rewarding to see her hit these milestones. Because she works so hard to achieve some of the simple things, we celebrate all the more!!

She's an amazing gal! Keep cheering her on!