Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Our first Spina Bifida Bowl-A-Thon!

Look at us, getting all involved!!
On Saturday our family tried something brand spankin' new and participated in our very first Spina Bifida Bowl-A-Thon!

The event is put on by the Spina Bifida Association of Alabama and is one of their biggest fundraisers. The gist is that a team can register and has several weeks to raise money to benefit the organization. Then on the event day, all of the teams and their families take over the local bowling alley for an fun-filled community event! 

Okay so full discretion... I was nervous. I'm terrible at trying new things. My comfort zone is such a sweet spot for me. 
What if they don't like us? 
What if they're a bunch of weirdos? 
What if no one wants to donate money and we're a big group of failures? 
All thoughts I had prior to. 

But I registered. And I told my extended family about it. Before I knew it, we had enough family members wanting to bowl that we had to form two bowling teams and suddenly we were already halfway to our fundraising goal! 
So I shared our newest adventure with my friends. Within two days, we met our goal! Two days!! I upped it another 50% and boom, mission accomplished. By the time Saturday rolled around, we had double the donations that I had ever hoped for.

Man, are we ever fortunate or what?? This amazing group of people that God has surrounded us will are supportive through and through. In honor of Eliza, and in honor of our family, they helped raise funds for our cause! Seriously, why did I ever doubt them?

So this weekend we loaded up and headed to the event to celebrate! 
A huge raffle, a silent auction and lanes for bowling were already set up! We met the fabulous coordinators and so many wonderful families! Eliza was by far the youngest there and boy, did she get doted on! 

All in all, I'm so glad I was encouraged to step out and give this a try! Our spina bifida tribe is full of incredible people and wonderful resources! And working to give back to them is an awesome feeling!! Over $2000 from the Wilder teams! Woohoo!

We're already ready for next year! 

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