Monday, October 12, 2015

two months old!

Check out this little lady in all her two month glory!

Weight: almost 10 lbs
Height: 21 1/2 inches 
Eats: She both nurses and takes a bottle. Which is super awesome. I feel pretty fortunate to be able to breastfeed after she had a three week NICU stay with all bottles.
Sleeps: Well! She does a nice 7-8 hour stretch at night and naps throughout the day. We try to stick with an eat, play, sleep schedule. She's been approved to sleep in whatever position she wants so we're working now to get her onto her back full time and then into her crib full time.
Favorite things: She's started playing with us a lot more and loves to smile and coo at you, which is the sweetest ever. And she's still a pretty avid snuggler. Girlfriend loves to be held. Warm baths are also topping the favorites list.
Hates: Her car seat. Whomp whomp. Car rides are less than fun around here at the moment.

We also had Eliza's baby dedication at our church this month. Its a special moment for us as we pledge to raise Eliza in a Christian home and help guide her in whatever way God would use her.

Oh and Eliza took her first vacation this month with my family!
We loaded up (along with my parents and brother and sister-in-law) and headed to the Gulf for a little fun in the sun. Eliza spent most of her beach time in a little shade tent, but she had a great time napping in the shade to the sound of the waves. She seemed to enjoy the pool too!
... Just not the car ride...

Her pediatrician gave her two thumbs up at her regular appointment. I was thrilled to hear that he felt like she was holding her head up as well as any other two month old. Anything with trunk control is a bit of a question mark, so way to go Eliza!

(We probably shouldn't tell the doc about her donut obsession...)

All in all, I'm elated at how smoothly the last two months have gone. Before she was born, I'd have given my right arm to have a crystal ball that told me what I could expect. It's just a relief to see this sweet baby and watch her grow. I'm one lucky momma!

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