Thursday, August 20, 2015

Eliza's first week {part two!}

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Day 5 - Sunday, August 16th

On Sunday evening, Eliza had an ultrasound on her brain. Remember, the spina bifida issues in her back have tugged down on her brain and caused things to shift. The shifting creates an problem for the fluid in the brain to drain properly (a condition known as hydrocephalus). 
The neurosurgeons had done their baseline ultrasound before the surgery, and now they wanted to come back and see if there had been any changes since Thursday's procedure. It's expected that she would have retained a little extra fluid, but any extreme changes would indicate a problem. Essentially, if the fluid in her head ever starts to put pressure on her brain, they will want to put in a shunt to divert that fluid. On a daily basis, they are feeling her fontanelle (soft spot on her head) and measuring her head circumference. A swollen or swelling fontanelle indicates that the brain is under pressure. And a fast growing head also indicates a pressure on the plates of her skull. 
Her ultrasound came back with a slight increase in ventricle size (as expected), but her fontanelle and head circumference have remained perfect.  Neuro was happy so great news for us.

Day 6 & 7
Monday, August 17th & Tuesday, August 18th

Monday was a slow day. More healing. More of Eliza just laying on her belly. The NICU team also had Eliza to really start working on real feeding. She was taking to everything perfectly and they continued to double the amount of food she got!

Despite the "win" with the food, J.B. and I were really getting discouraged at this point. It seemed like both the plastics and neuro were completely vague about what the goals are and when we were going to get there. The time here was really weighing on us. I just wanted to snuggle my baby and take her home. I missed Jake. I missed my own bed and my own kitchen and my own life. The week after you have a baby isn't really the week you want to get up and get dressed each morning and go out to eat for every meal. It's not the week you want to live in a strange place and be away from most of the people that you love. And I was over it.

By Tuesday, Eliza was getting some of her dressings changed and they were checking on the skin grafts for the first time. Both grafts took 100%!! Great news!

Day 8 - Wednesday, August 19th 

The last of Eliza's dressings were changed today. They had this strange covering over the graft donor site and J.B. and I were super curious about what it looked like. The grafts were a bit scary so we were prepared for the worst. Turns out, her donor site on the back of her thigh looked amazing! If you didn't know what you were looking for, you might not even notice at this point.
Baby skin is unreal!!

Eliza also had a renal ultrasound today. Her caths have all been pretty good, and for urology to drop off the case, they wanted her to have one. Trouble is, you can't move her. Nor can you touch like 60% of her back. The ultrasound was a sight to be seen. The techs come bedside to the NICU, and it took two doctors, a nurse, and the tech to work together to get the images without touching any of the grafts or incision sites. J.B. and I just stood by holding our breaths and of course, Eliza slept through the whole thing.  Good news! The ultrasound came back perfect!

We also were able to nail down both neuro and plastics about some timing. Neuro was really well pleased. Eliza still wasn't showing any signs of actual hydrocephalus so far! No radical head growth and her fontanelle was still soft. They are waiting for a second brain ultra sound on Monday (a week out from the last one) to either officially clear us or give us some different results. But if that looks good, then they're done with us for now.
Plastics sound really similar. They're basically just waiting for some more healing at her graft sites. She's so delicately placed on her belly right now and they don't want to her moving around much at all. I think once those heal up for a few more days, they might be a little more flexible about letting us go.
Ultimately, it sounded like if everything goes well, we could be headed home within a week or so! Heck yes!

But the best news of the day?

Yup. I got to snuggle my sweet babe! She was finally approved to lay flat on my stomach. So I soaked up almost two good hours of that (and promised J.B. he could have his turn the next day).
Best. snuggles. ever. 

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that the Dobbs family is keeping you in our prayers. May God continue to bless each of you.