Thursday, August 20, 2015

Day 9

So for those that read through the two posts below about Eliza's first week, you get a gold star!

Otherwise, here are the highlights today:

Plastics: Still wanting her to lay completely flat and heal. Her back incision looks good - we've got about 4-6 weeks on that. The skin grafts on her sides look fabulous but are extremely delicate - 4-6 weeks there too. And the graft donor site looks amazing. They'll probably take the dressing off that tomorrow and it'll just be treated with some lotion. 

Neuro: Still no signs of hydrocephalus! A major win at this point. Head circumference isn't growing at a fast rate and her fontanelle is soft, which all just indicates that there's no pressure on the brain. They'd like to do one more ultrasound on her brain on Monday to double check the exact size of the ventricles, but at this point, they're just monitoring us.

Urology: She's still being cathed every 12 hours as a precaution. But if this next one comes back good, they plan to stop. Her renal ultrasound looked perfect so we're cautiously optimistic right now. Fingers crossed that today goes well. I can't believe that we have a spina bifida baby that's doing any bladder/bowel control herself!

We still aren't sure about what her movement levels are. She's having to remain so still in order to heal that neuro and physical therapy really can't gauge a lot of her abilities. At this point, it seems like her hips are showing some signs of movement, but the lower legs are very questionable. 

She's still eating like a champ! We officially have the NICU's "big baby" since she isn't a premie. She's making all of these other punks look tiny! 

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  1. One would expect James Byron's kid to be the "big baby". ;) Praying for your family as well as the doctors and medical staff taking care of you.