Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Day 14 & 15

Tuesday, August 25th & Wednesday, August 26th 
Day 14 & 15

Surgery day!
Eliza's neurosurgeons felt that the ventricles in her brain still hadn't stablized and they were concerned about any added pressure to her brain (and damage that could cause). They decided they'd rather put in a shunt now instead of waiting until she was very symptomatic to a hydrocephalus issue.
In surgery, they would be putting in what's called a VP shunt. Basically the valve end is inserted into the soft spot of the brain and down thru to the ventricles to drain the excess cerebral spinal fluid. The other end of the shunt is a tube that is fed under the skin around the side of the skull, then down her body into the peritoneal cavity in the abdominal. We'd be able to feel (and actually see right now since her hair is minimal) a small lump on the top of her head where the shunt enters. Everything else is hidden below the skin enough that it's a little trickier to trace where it goes down and enters the abdomen. While it seems like a crazy procedure, it's pretty basic to these guys.
(Try telling a worried mom that!) 

So Eliza's shunt surgery went well on Tuesday afternoon! It took them about two hours and the surgeons were very happy with everything. 
Our only hiccup was that the NICU doctors didn't put in feeding orders or pain med orders until well after surgery so Eliza was starving for some chow and couldn't have any medications or food. This momma was about to get fierce for her little gal. But after exiting their meeting, her doctors finally swooped in to get her hooked up with everything she needed.

Last night she recovered well and picked back up towards the amount of food she'd been eating pre-surgery, which shocked everyone.
(Not me, I know this girl loves to eat!)   

This morning neurology saw her and said she looked perfect. They gave us the green light to be released from the neuro side. Then her neonatal doc gave us word that because she was tolerating her pain so well and eating so well, that he would be comfortable with discharging us tomorrow as long as she kept it up.
(DISCHARGING! Insert 7th grade girl scream!)

So we're crossing our fingers and toes and everything else to spring this joint in about 24 hours!

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