Monday, August 24, 2015

Day 12 & 13

Day 12 & 13
Sunday, August 23rd & Monday, August 24th 

Well, we've had a bit of a setback. 
(I guess it was bound to happen eventually.) 

We spent a lot Sunday preparing to go home. We'd be cleared by all specialities outside of neuro and we're just waiting on one last test Monday morning. Eliza flew through the car seat test and we started the check list to head home. 

(First time ever on her back! It was so great to see her whole little face! She was mesmerized with a new view of the world! And then promptly went back to sleep... ) 

Sunday night we were moved over to a "step-up" room in the NICU. That means that J.B. and I are rooming in with her in the hospital suite. It's a super nice room but... it's in the hospital. Which basically means that sleep is nonexistent. Oh how I miss sleep. 

But this morning when Eliza had her ultrasound, things took a bit of a turn. It looks like the ventricles in her brain still haven't stabilized and have continued to swell. She's not show any external signs of discomfort at this point but the neurosurgeons would like to stay ahead of the game. If her brain begins to swell before its treated, it could potential damage a lot of different (and important) areas. 
So this morning they've decided to move ahead with putting a shunt in. 

We basically knew this was coming at some point. 80% of spina bifida patients have a shunt within the first six months of life. It was a nice thought to be able to head home today and get a break from this exhausting hospital stay. But we totally agree with the surgeons thoughts to stay ahead of her symptons/pain/damage. 

The word in the halls is that her procedure will be done tomorrow, which is great news! Recovery is only a day or two so if all goes well with our sweet girl, we could still be home by the weekend. 

Be praying over her neurosurgeon (Dr. Bonfield) and for her recovery in the next couple of days!

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