Friday, July 17, 2015

32 week update (a bit behind!)

My distracted apologies since this update is weeks behind! 

Nowadays I see my local OB for testing every week just to keep tabs on Miss Eliza. They check her size and movement and lots of other things to make sure she's nice and stable. Those appointments are always great to look on her.
But to be honest, our monthly visits to the fetal doctors at Vanderbilt are always the appointments that we look forward to the most. Everything from their ultrasound techs to their equipment is that much more advanced. It's always great to ask a billion questions to our fetal doctors and the neurosurgeons as well.  Added bonus this trip? We were anxious to get our delivery date and tour the hospital NICU. 

So... our 32 week appointment!
Eliza's ultrasound at Vanderbilt looked pretty great! She's still moving and squirming much better than they expect, which is positive news. And she's growing at a perfect rate! 

{Look at this sweet face!!}

The hydrocephalus is continuing to increase just a smidge at a time, as expected, so they're continuing to keep an eye on those measurements. It's likely that they won't decide on whether or not to place a shunt until she's born.

Most excitedly, our delivery date! August 12th if she doesn't come any sooner! They've also scheduled Eliza's initial back surgery for the following day. 

After our ultrasound and appointments, we were taken on a full tour of the NICU. I was so thankful to have a visual of what that area looks like since we'll be spending a lot time there while she recovers. 

We're already eager for our final Vanderbilt appointment next week! I can't believe it'll be less than four weeks until we meet our gal! 

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