Wednesday, June 17, 2015

eliza's nursery

For those of you that follow my every day blog over at Live A Little Wilder, this may be a duplicate post.... Sorry about that. But I'm so excited to have finished up Eliza's nursery! And I 
just have to share her little space here too!

So welcome to Eliza's nursery!

The dresser area got a nice little facelift with some fancy new knobs (from Hobby Lobby) and some new artwork just for my little lady.

I have to mention that this little art piece on the gallery wall is my very favorite.

There was a ten day time period between when we found out that Eliza was a girl and when we found out that she also had spina bifida. I was on cloud nine dreaming up a girly little space and ordered this print for her nursery. I didn't receive it for several weeks, and by then was so distracted with her diagnosis that I'd even forgotten I had ordered it. That moment when I opened the package and saw those sweet words was like the perfect touch on my heart. 

She believed she could and so she did.

I absolutely cannot wait to meet this perfect girl. And I will raise her to know that she can do whatever she sets her mind to, despite the obstacles that might be in her path. 

It seems that J.B. ad I aren't the only ones anxiously waiting for Eliza's arrival. This adorable kiddo spends many a morning  "practicing" with her baby toys or looking out her bedroom window at the robin's nest outside. He's declared this to be "the nicest baby room in the world" and can't wait to play with is new sister. He's the sweetest!

Thanks for stopping by our little gal's space!

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